Night walk & star gazing

When: Friday, 1st February & Saturday, 2nd February 2019

About activity:

Come let’s take a stroll under the stars on a quiet night listening to the sound of nature.
We have our set route for this night walk which will take around an hour. We will try to explore nature at night and listen to the sound of the night. We will have the bonfire and ukad handi after the night walk. Stargazing session with a professional instructor will begin after this. Guests will get to experience the clear sky and observe stars, constellations through the telescope. Guests can try their luck of finding shooting stars during the night walk.

Venue: The Jungle Farm, Bahrod mountain range, Aswali-Khunawade, Bordi, Maharashtra 401701.

Duration: 4-5hours

Package itinerary:

  • 5.00PM: Guests arrival at Chikoo Festival venue
  • Pick-up from festival venue to campsite ( one can also take their vehicle to the jungle farm.Parking is available)
  • 06.00PM – 07.00PM: Relax, refresh and re-energize at the farm with refreshments.
  • 07.00PM – 08.00PM: Night walk
  • 08.00PM – 09.00PM: Bonfire with pot barbeque & dinner
  • 09.00PM – 11.00PM: Stargazing
  • Day 2 – 8.00AM – 10.00AM: breakfast
  • 10.00AM: check-out & drop at festival site *above time subject to changePrice: INR1600 per person + taxesPackage includes:
  • Welcome drinks and traditionally prepared ubadiyo/ukad handi (pot barbeque)
  • Camping (multiple sharing)
  • Veg & non-veg dinner
  • Breakfast

Things to carry:

Head torch or handheld torch

Contact :

Tapan Chaudhari: 8390511122
Suryahas Chaudhari: 8007846966



Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. A form of consent to be filled at the start any activity
  2. The participant should carry valid id proof
  3. Consumption of liquor, tobacco products, cigarette etc. is strictly prohibited during any of the mentioned events
  4. Do not disturb the flora and fauna while on the trail
  5. It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group, in the event of any deviation by the participant without the consent of the leader; he/she/they will be considered as ‘independent/s’ and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.
  6. Baggages and personal belonging of the participants in his/her responsibility.
  7. It is mandatory that all riders wear a safety-approved cycling helmet in bicycle trail
  8. The participants who wish to reach the event starting point in their own vehicle have to reach the meeting point at the given time, beyond the said time and spot the organizer may go out of network range and won’t be able to assist.
  9. In such situation, the organizer shall not be liable for any inconvenience what-so-ever and the participants will be considered as dropouts against which no refund will be made.
  10. The organizer reserves the right to make the necessary change in itinerary at any time before or during the event based on the situation at hand.
  11. Camp leaders decision will be final and binding, no arguments will be entertained.
  12. Every single person willing to attend the event has to fill up the Personal details form to be eligible to attend the event. This online form will be available on the link provided in booking email and also in the reminder email. Filling incomplete/fake details in the personal information section and form will make the booking invalid and no refund will be provided in such case.
  13. During the event, if any participant or group does not follow safety instructions and indulges in acts that lead to physical harm, or gets lost in the forest/mountain the organizers will not be held liable for it.
  14. The event can be canceled 7 days prior to the event and 100% amount will be refunded. No refund will be made in case a person cancel/misses the train/bus mentioned in the itinerary.
  15. Camp /trek/trail in-charge’s decision will be final and binding. Participants or Members are responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
  16. Under unavoidable situations organizing team reserves all the right to change/deviate/ cancel the plans without prior notice.
  17. Once booking is confirmed Refund will not be possible in any situation until and unless the event gets canceled by the organizer.
  18. For Safety and Security reasons, It’s important to fill the personal details form 24 hours prior to the event.
  19. Non-submission of the form will make your booking invalid and no refund will be provided. The personal details form will be sent to you via email after making payment for the booking. Please make sure you are on your respective station on time. Missing the train means missing the event
  20. Drug / any narcotic / substance which can lead to the inebriated condition is not allowed in the camping area. Presence of such things with guest can lead to asking to leave from the camping site.
  21. All participants are deemed to be physically fit for the event. In case a participant decides to drop out during the event he/she has to bear the extra cost of arranging his/her return, this cost will be charged at-actual-basis.
  22. In the case of misbehavior/misconduct/ objectional action can lead to strict action or/ask to leave camping area.
  23. If the event gets canceled before commencement due to natural calamities, rains, landslide, snowfall, avalanche or any external influencers, only 100% refund will be made.
  24. Once the event has started and if it gets canceled due to bad natural conditions during the course of the event no refund will be made. Stay options mentioned in the itinerary are subject to natural conditions i.e. tents cant be pitched if rains and/or rain storm is being predicted. In such cases, an attempt will be made to provide shelter for the night.
  25. Food during the events is sourced locally from villages and we put in our best efforts to provide the best, participants should acknowledge the fact that remote village people are not trained for catering services and the expectations should be accommodating has a reputation of providing memorable experience for guest and adventure lovers, our events are not designed for tourists or fussy people.
  26. Chikoo Festival / R.E.W.F is not responsible for any complaint / crisis / problem.